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Mission: Loose Ends

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The ride back to the Seamstresses Union is quiet compared to the pandemonium left behind at Mercy Mental Hospital. Lone Star squad cars pass you on the road, sirens blaring, no doubt in response to the aftermath of your showdown with the late Dr. Henry Holmes. The Emerald City Ripper. The man who violently repossessed the internal organs of Sam and Jessica's mother, Melinda Watts. And although the killer is dead and his grip on the city is broken, it's clear he wasn't working alone. There are loose ends aching to be tied.

The taxi turns onto Redmond Way, cruising past now familiar landmarks until the Seamstresses Union, in all its decadent, seedy glory, materializes between swipes of the its overworked windshield wipers.

Time to evaluate your next move.

Karma Points
  • [2]  Give the Buyer Records to Mrs. Kubota (#1).


This mission is another pit stop at the Union. There are a few people you might want to talk to, with only Mrs. Kubota being required:
  • Johnny Clean, Cherry Bomb, Mrs. Kubota (#1). You'll find this trio huddled together at the bar. During your conversation with them, you'll decide that you should next go to Sam's funeral, where you'll be able to talk with his sister, Jessica. This will open up the exit from the Union (Exit A), allowing you to leave.

    After completing the conversation, if you talk to Mrs. Kubota again, then you'll be able to give her the Buyer Records from the previous mission, which will earn you 2 karma points.

  • Van Graas (#2). If you picked up the Super Brawl Ring during the previous mission, then you'll be able to sell it to Van Graas for 1200 nuyen. There isn't any way to negotiate for a better price.

  • Safehouse Shopkeepers. Most of the shopkeepers will have new things to say, but none of them will have anything new to sell.
You won't be able to take a team with you on the next mission (Coyote and Jake Armitage will join you there), so when you're ready to complete this mission, just head for the Union entrance (Exit A).

1 - Mrs. Kubota

2 - Van Graas

3 - Piano / Safehouse

4 - Mr. Kluwe

  1. Union entrance.