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Mission: Out of the Shadows
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You emerge from the Universal Brotherhood chapterhouse, momentarily blinded by the bright lights of the Lone Star perimeter surrounding the exit. Despite the clean night air, the stench of ichor and decay clings to you, a smell that may never fully go away.

You drop your Aegis-filled shotgun and it's quickly spirited away by one of Telestrian's minions. Weapons are slowly lowered as you step out into the street -- the order coming from Detective McKlusky himself. You can see James Telestrian just nearby, pulling his strings.

It's over. Jessica Watts has been dealt with and Sam has his justice. The dead man's deed is done. All you need now is to make a phone call and it ends.

Karma Points
  • None


This mission is the epilogue. You'll begin right outside the Universal Brotherhood building, and a few familiar faces will be around: Coyote, Detective McKlusky, Dresden, Harlequin, Jake Armitage, and James Telestrian. This will give you a chance to chat with them and learn their future plans. None of the conversation will make any difference since this is the final mission in the game, so you can say whatever feels appropriate. Only two of the conversations are required:
  • James Telestrian. He'll thank you for your help, and he'll offer you a reward. If you ask for McKlusky's badge, then he'll give you that gift for free. If you ask for money, then he'll give you 100,000 nuyen. If you ask to be his new VP of security (since Erik Silverstar got fired), then he'll hire you -- if you're an elf. If not, then he'll make you an Executive Consultant instead. Finally, if you learned (during The Union mission) about the city's plan to shut off power to Touristville -- including the Seamstresses Union -- then you'll be able to ask to have the decision reversed, and Telestrian will comply.

    Note: If you demanded 1,000,000 or 1,500,000 nuyen from Telestrian (during The Estate mission), then he'll pay it -- minus his deductions -- which means you'll receive 15,000 nuyen.

  • Dresden. He'll ask you if you're going to collect the reward money for finding Sam's killer. When you admit that you are, he'll let you use the police phone next to him. Then when you dial the number for Sam's lawyer, you'll learn that Sam tricked you -- that he never had any money, let alone 100,000 nuyen. "Never trust a dead man."
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