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Mission: Looking for Trouble

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Shannon's plan is the best lead you've got to find out more about the Ripper. But getting back into the warehouse is going to require some support, in case the drek hits the fan.

The Seamstresses Union will have exactly what you need: A Fixer. Finding this necessary middleman and deal-broker is key to most plans involving shadowrunners. A good Fixer is worth the nuyen. It's their job to have the contacts and know who's good at what. They'll put together the team you need: magical support, skilled street samurai for muscle, or a novahot decker for Matrix work.

Running the shadows is a life and death gamble. It pays to hire the best shadowrunners you can.

Karma Points
  • [2]  Talk to Jessica (#3).


You should visit a few people while you're back in the Union:
  • Jon Bartlett (#1). He'll extol the virtues of the Nephilim Network. You'll see what he's talking about when you meet with Mr. Delilah (#7).

  • Van Graas (#2). He'll be interested in two of the items that you might have picked up recently: Incriminating Data from The Warehouse and the BTL Client Notebook from Coyote's Crusade. For the former, he'll offer you 800 nuyen, but you'll be able to get 1000 using the Shadowrunner etiquette. For the latter, he'll offer you 600 nuyen, but you'll be able to get 800 using the Gang etiquette.

  • Jessica Watts (#3). She'll answer some questions about Sam, her (non) relationship with him, and why she moved away from Seattle for a while. If you refuse to tell her who hired you to look into Sam's murder, then she'll pay you 100 nuyen to find out. It won't make any difference if you give her the Photo of Sam and Jessica. At the end of the conversation, you'll earn 2 karma points for talking to Jessica, and she'll invite you to attend Sam's funeral.

  • Shopkeepers (#4). Some of the shopkeepers in the Safehouse will have new things to say, but they won't have anything new to sell.

  • Coyote (#5). If you completed Coyote's Crusade, then you'll find Coyote here. She'll let you know how Gino's doing (if he survived), or how she's doing (if he didn't). Either way, she'll also let you know that she's available for hire (just not for the next mission).

  • Mr. Delilah (#7). He won't have much to say to you until after you've spoken to Jessica (#3). At that point, he'll allow you to hire shadowrunners for your next mission. The listed prices are for the next mission only. You'll have Shannon (shaman) with you for free, but you'll have to do a lot of fighting, so you might want to hire at least one more runner or maybe two, depending on how confident you feel. Full Monte (samurai) and Alexander Falk (support mage) are a couple of good choices. You won't need a decker.
Hiring runners will end the current mission, so only talk to Mr. Delilah (#7) after you've completed everything else you want to do.

1 - Jon Bartlett

2 - Van Graas

3 - Jessica Watts

4 - Piano / Safehouse

5 - Coyote

6 - Mr. Kluwe

7 - Mr. Delilah