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Mission: Coyote's Crusade

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The cluster of dilapidated buildings where Coyote told you to meet her appears to be the remnants of a public-housing project. The buildings look like a cesspool filled with human debris.

You find her standing with Paco on a street corner, eyeing the roofs, the doorways, the windows. Despite his attempts to engage her, Coyote barely says a word as the three of you weave your way through the tenements. She walks purposefully, her new cyber hand flexing open and closed with each step. It's unclear whether the action is voluntary or not.

You circle around the back of a building and Coyote jumps up, grabs the bottom rung of a fire escape ladder, and pulls it down. Without a signal, she starts her climb towards the roof. Paco looks at you worriedly and starts up the ladder.

Karma Points
  • [1]  Save the chip-heads.
  • [2]  Talk to Gino.


When you approach the housing project in front of you, you'll run into a BTL Clocker (#1). He'll try to sell you on the idea of using BTLs. It won't make any difference how you respond to him, including if you punch him and knock him out. After dealing with the Clocker, you'll be allowed to go inside.

When you enter the housing project, you'll meet a Concerned Woman (#2). She'll give you some intel on the BTL lab -- that it has five or six guards, and that the "chip-heads" there can be dangerous as well. She'll also inform you that Jamal (#4) has a pass to get inside.

Down the hall, you'll encounter Charlie, the door guard (#3). There are four ways to get past him:
  • You can buy three BTL Passes from Jamal (#4), provided that you learned about him from the Concerned Woman (#2). This will cost you 100 nuyen. If you try to intimidate Jamal, then you'll start a fight with him, and Charlie and his two guards will join in (see below).

  • You can buy three BTL Passes from Charlie. This will cost you 150 nuyen.

  • With Charisma 4 or Strength 4, you can talk your way past Charlie.

  • You can punch Charlie in the eye. This will start a battle. Charlie will be knocked out for a round, and Jamal will run away, but Charlie's two guards will rush to his aid. Afterwards, you'll find a BTL Client Notebook on Charlie's corpse. You'll be able to sell this item later to Van Graas at the Union.
Regardless of how you handled Charlie, when you reach the BTL lab (#5), the guards there will recognize you, and a battle will start up. The Yakuza Decker will switch all of the programs of the chip-heads in the room, and they'll start attacking you as well. Coyote will ask you to spare the chip-heads, just to make sure you don't accidentally hurt her cousin Gino.

To win the battle, you'll have to kill the Yakuza Decker, a BTL Operator, and four guards. Doing this without hurting the chip-heads shouldn't be too difficult. There are two basic strategies to save them:
  • If you're playing a decker, then you can log into one of the terminals in the room (#6, #7), and fight the Yakuza Decker and his White IC in the matrix. After defeating them, you'll just need to interact with the Data Control Node and disconnect the chip-heads. Killing the Yakuza Decker in the matrix will remove half of his health in the real world.

  • You can fight around the chip-heads. They'll attack you with their fists, so they won't do a lot of damage, but if they start causing problems, then you can use Fichetti Concussion Grenades against them, which will remove their AP without damaging them. Otherwise, you'll just need to make sure that you don't hit the chip-heads by accident with your attacks -- meaning you'll need to be careful with burst and scatter weapons, like Coyote's shotgun. When you kill the Yakuza Decker, you'll be allowed to use his terminal (#7) and disconnect the chip-heads.
When you disconnect the chip-heads, you'll be given two options. If you disconnect them "forcibly," then they won't move for the rest of the battle, and you'll have to continue avoiding them. If you disconnect them "gently" (which requires Decking 3), then they'll flee from the lab and get out of your way.

After the battle, if you saved the chip-heads, then you'll earn 1 karma point. Then when you talk to Gino, you'll earn 2 more points. Gino, of course, won't be happy to see you, and he'll pull out a gun and demand that you hook him back up. Depending on what you say to him, he'll either kill himself, attack Coyote and get killed, or surrender. For the latter result, you should say "Take it easy, Gino" and then "There are drugs that can help you." If Gino dies, then Coyote will continue her crusade against BTL labs. Otherwise, she'll stop. But this won't change anything in the campaign.

1 - BTL Clocker

2 - Concerned Woman

3 - Charlie

4 - Jamal

5 - BTL Lab

6 - BTL Operator's Terminal

7 - Yakuza Decker's Terminal