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Mission: Return to the Union

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Despite Coyote's clear desire to stand on her own two feet, Paco needs to help her through the door into the Seamstresses Union. Heads raise, and the front room of the bar falls strangely silent.

Paco stands by her side now, not speaking, his dark eyes flat with fury. Coyote presses a rag to her clawed-up face. She winces but manages to keep control as she breathes in slow, deep breaths to manage the pain.

Taking a closer look, you see her arm isn't much more than shreds of meat and broken bone held together by tendons and burned skin. It'll be a miracle if she still has it by the end of the night...

Karma Points
  • [2]  Enter the Union.


When you return to the Union, you'll earn 2 karma points, and Mrs. Kubota (#1) will order Coyote and Paco to go down into the Safehouse so they can visit with Dr. Castle in the med-bay. Then Mrs. Kubota will turn to you and thank you for your help -- and also give you a reward: 1000 nuyen and free access to the Safehouse yourself. She'll also tell you how to access the Safehouse by playing the right five notes on the piano in the VIP room (Exit B).

When you visit the med-bay (#9) yourself, you'll be just in time for Coyote to have her surgery, so Dr. Castle will shoo you away. Afterwards, you'll meet with Coyote in the lounge (#8), and Coyote will talk to you about Sam Watts. Among other things, you'll learn that at one point Sam appeared to be dying, but that he suddenly got better, apparently due to his mother. Coyote will also mention that Sam slept in the Safehouse the night before he died.

After talking to Coyote, you should head over to Sam's bunk (#7). As you rifle through it, you'll find a photograph of Sam and his twin sister Jessica. When you show the photo to Coyote, she'll verify the relationship between the two, and she'll mention that they didn't get along. At this point, you'll get a call (either from Dresden or Officer Aguirre) letting you know that there's been another Ripper murder, and that the victim can be found at the docks. Coyote will offer to look for Jessica while you're gone.

Before rushing off to the docks, there are two things you should do. Firstly, you should visit all of the shopkeepers in the Safehouse, especially if you're a spellcaster or decker. You'll find lots of new items for sale.

Note: If you're a decker, you'll only equip programs when you enter the matrix. Otherwise, they'll just stay in your stash.

Secondly, you should visit with Mr. Delilah on the Main Floor (#5). Assuming you stole the Rare Stones at the end of the previous mission, you'll be able to hand them over to him. He'll notice if you try to hold some back, so you might as well be honest and give them all to him. But no matter what you say, Mr. Delilah will allow you to keep most of the stones while he pockets "the pebble with the runes on it."

To unload your share of the stones, you'll need to head over to Van Graas the fence (#2). He'll offer you 1000 nuyen for them. With Charisma 5, you'll be able to get 1500 for them. With Strength 6, you'll be able to get 1800. And with the Academic etiquette, you'll be able to get 2000. Hanging onto the stones won't do you any good.

When you're ready to move on to the next mission, just head for the Union's exit (Exit A).

1 - Mrs. Kubota

2 - Van Graas

3 - Johnny Clean

Johnny won't have much to say to you again -- while he's up here at least. When you go down into the Safehouse, you'll find him standing next to David Fry II (#13) as well, and you'll be able to have a full conversation with him there.

4 - Mr. Kluwe

Mr. Kluwe won't allow you to go upstairs.

5 - Mr. Delilah

6 - Stash

Your stash is where you'll find all of your non-equipped items. You'll be able to access it before most missions.

7 - Sam's Bunk

8 - Coyote

9 - Med-Bay / Dr. Castle

Dr. Castle will sell you trauma kits and medkits, and she'll also install cyberware onto your body.

10 - Aljernon

Aljernon will sell you spells and fetishes.

11 - Eric Mersmann

Mersmann will have clothes for sale.

12 - T.B. Gruberman

Gruberman will have weapons, grenades, and medkits for sale.

13 - David Fry II

Fry (and Johnny Clean standing next to him) will explain how decking works. Fry will also sell you decks, ESPs and programs.

  1. Entrance.
  2. Piano. When you play G-A-F-F-C (the famous notes from Close Encounters of the Third Kind) on the piano, it'll slide to the left, revealing a staircase leading down into the basement Safehouse.