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Mission: The Seamstresses Union

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Relative to the rest of the Barrens, Touristville is a neon-clothed oasis. At its heart is the Seamstresses Union. Housed in an old brownstone building on the corner of "illegal" and "opportunity," bums huddle together, gangers strut the streets, and the occasional salaryman comes slumming.

The Union building has been retrofitted, rebuilt, and restored so many times that it's like an aging starlet wearing too much makeup in an attempt to stay young. The wild ivy growing out of the gutters adds to this effect.

As you enter, the murmur of hushed conversation washes over you. The dive bar denizens raise their heads, take your measure, and then go back to their business. This is the kind of place where everyone knows your name but keeps to themselves.

Karma Points
  • [2]  Enter the Seamstresses Union.
  • [3]  Gain access to Coyote's computer.


When you enter the Seamstresses Union, you'll earn 2 karma points. From there, you'll just need to wander around and talk to people. You'll meet three shopkeepers (#2, #3, #6) and three employees (#1, #4, #5). Between the two groups, you should be able to improve your gear (especially your armor) and learn some more about the night Watts died.

Eventually, you'll reach Mrs. Kubota, the owner of the Union (#7). She'll reveal that Coyote has been missing since the night of the murder, and she'll give you Coyote's key so you can check out her room. Then Mrs. Kubota will move away from the staircase (Exit A) so you can head up to the Upper Floor.

Upstairs, you'll find Coyote's room at the end of the hall (#9). Inside, you'll discover two things of interest: a diary and a computer. When you read through the diary, you'll learn what Coyote thinks of her boyfriend Paco, and you'll also see that Coyote recently ordered some zebra meat from Maury's Meat Emporium.

To use the computer, you'll either need Decking 3 (to learn that Coyote's password is "trustno1") or you'll need to answer three security questions (so you can reset the password). The answers to the security questions are "Shadow" (learned from the diary), "Starfire" (learned from Mrs. Kubota), and "Chicago" (learned from the poster on the wall). Gaining access to the computer will earn you 3 karma points.

When you examine the files on Coyote's computer, you'll learn that she has an appointment scheduled with Paco at the Pike Place Market in 30 minutes. You'll also see that Coyote was searching for information about hellhounds. Back downstairs, when you ask Mrs. Kubota about the market, she'll call you a cab so you can get there in time. To take the cab (and end the mission), you'll just need to exit the Union (at Exit A).

1 - Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb is a bartender at the Union. Before you can say much to her, she'll get interrupted by Shane, one of her ex-boyfriends, who will try to get her to leave the Union and join the Universal Brotherhood. You'll learn more about the Brotherhood later. When you finally have Cherry to yourself, she'll tell you that she wasn't on shift the night Watts died, and that Coyote, the other bartender, hasn't been seen since that night.

2 - Eric Mersmann

Mersmann will have several outfits for sale, including Secure Ninja Clothing and The Tourist Look.

3 - Jin Parks

Parks will have weapons, grenades, and healing supplies for sale, but it'll mostly be stuff that you've seen before.

4 - Mr. Kluwe

Mr. Kluwe is a bouncer at the Union. He'll tell you that Watts was "agitated" about a woman the night he died, but that it was Jake Armitage who escorted him out.

5 - Johnny Clean

Johnny won't have much to say to you. Later, you'll learn that he's a decker.

6 - Noog

Noog will have lots of low level spells for sale.

7 - Mrs. Kubota

Mrs. Kubota is the owner of the Union.

8 - Locked Door

You'll need Decking 2 to open this door. In the room beyond, you'll find some Nitro hidden in a teddy bear.

9 - Coyote's Room

From reading Coyote's diary, you'll learn that she has a hidden wall safe, and that its combination is 342436. This will allow you to open the safe, where you'll find a Fichetti Frag Grenade.

  1. Union entrance.
  2. Staircase.