Wizard's Tower
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Level One
Wizard's Tower


The vrocks and drow on this level won't give you much trouble. Be advised that the entire Wizard's Tower is a wild magic zone, meaning that every time you cast a spell there is a chance that something strange will happen rather than the spells intended effect. I know one time I tried to cast stoneskin on myself and ended up turning myself into a chicken.

Level Two


The balor lord on this level is very hard. My advice is to use stoneskin and try to deal as much damage as you can before he stops casting spells. Once he goes melee, he gets three attacks and all of them will take around 15-20 hit points off you.

Level Three


The wizard's apprentice is in this room. He's nothing compared to the balor lord you just faced, and when you get him near death, he stops fighting and gives you his mirror shard. Note that if you escape to the Reaper's Domain during this fight, when you come back he will be dead and Sabal will have his shard.