Chasm of the Eye Tyrants
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Chasm of the Eye Tyrants
Chasm of the Eye Tyrants


In this part of the cave, you'll run into a drow elf named Eldath Ra'sin.


This tunnel leads deeper into the cave.

Beholder Caves


A kobold named Attiz will tell you about the leader of the Beholders. Apparently the Valsharess is trying to recruit the Beholders, but they don't like her much.

4 - HOLE

Taking the excursion down this hole will make the fight against the Beholder Tyrant much easier because you come out of it with an item that creates magic dead zones.


The Beholder Tyrant is in this room. There's no diplomacy for this quest, just duke it out with her so you won't have to fight Beholders in the big battle.

Obelisk Caves


If you went through the hole, make your way to this obelisk as soon as you can. You won't be able to defeat the Bebilith without deactivating it because the dead zone saps the magic from your enchanted items, rendering them practically useless. Of course, if you can deal huge damage without magic items or can shapeshift into something else that can, you can beat it without solveing the obelisk puzzle. If you do want to solve the puzzle, though, enter from door "A", you'll need to have pretty good spellcraft or lore to figure out how to use the magical device that opens the door (or high enough search to find the secret door "S"). If you don't have good spellcraft or lore, enter through room "B" (just run past the bebilith, he won't leave the room). To deactivate the obelisk, "use" the rune plates that can be changed until you have four lines of rune plates that match the "unusable" plates that are nearest to the obelisk. You will now be able to use magic again and can take the glowing orb from the obelisk to use in your fight against the Beholder Tyrant.