Waterdeep Battle
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Waterdeep Battle

1 - The Devil Came Down to Durnan

You get back to Waterdeep just as Mephistopheles has come to the surface. After a brief chat with Durnan, he'll appear and call you out.

Before the fight, he'll try to get your henchmen to join his side. If you have good Persuade, or any are in love with you, you can convince them to stick with you. If not, you'll have to use their True Names to command them to stay. Deekin doesn't have a problem with this (he has been your faithful little toady all along) but Nathyrra will be miffed that you dominated her. If you've been travelling with Valen, you'll want to use his True Name (or have very high Persuade), because he will betray you at this point, unless you are a female character and he is in love with you.

After that you get a chance to banish Mephistopheles if you bought his True Name from the Knower of Names. If you didn't, you'll go toe to toe (or toe to cloven hoof) with Mephistopheles himself. He will disappear a couple of times, turning the ground to ice or lava and summoning the appropriate elementals. You can use the demon hand to take higher ground if you need to, otherwise just kill the elementals and Mephi will come back. When you've beaten on him enough, he'll cry uncle and you'll have the opportunity to finish him off or banish him to hell again. I had waded through so many demons and devils by this point that I let him have it. The only consequence is the mild chiding you get at the end, when the narrator tells what happened to everyone after the fight. He remarks that although everyone saw Mephi die, devils aren't that easy to kill on the Material Plane, so he's probably somewhere in the Outer Planes plotting his revenge. Well, good for him, but I'm going to go back through the game and kill him again anyway.