Undermountain: Level Three (West)
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Undermountain: Level Three (West)
Undermountain: Level Three(West)


Nathyrra shows up again, but this time she's willing to help you fight the drow and release Halaster.


Following her advice for this battle is actually a good idea. If you manage to break all three stones around Halaster, he'll instantly kill all the enemies in the room. You've repeatedly been told that he's insane and unpredictable, so it shouldn't be that much of a surprise when he puts a geas on you that binds you to his will and forces you to go into the Underdark to kill the Valsharess. He sends Nathyrra with you and also Deekin, but none of the other possible henchmen. You won't be able to get back to Waterdeep after this point (even the planar gate in the Realm of the Reaper has changed), so don't win this battle if you have unfinished business.