City Core Battle
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City Core Battle
City Core Battle


If the gate didn't hold, you'll have to fight here to keep the enemy from getting to the Seer.


Once you have beaten the forces on the western front, the drow will attack from the docks to the east. There are at least two waves of marksmen and fire throwers.


When you report back to the Seer to be congratulated on your victory, you'll be transported to the Valsharess's stronghold. If you didn't manage to destroy any of her allies, you'll have to fight them here before leaving. There are only two waves of each, so if you felt guilty for failing to end the illithid threat, don't.

Valsharess Throne Room


When you're outside the Valsharess's throne room she'll give you one last chance to join her. If you refuse, she'll tell Mephistopheles to kill you. You'll have to fight her anyway, because as soon as you talk to Mephistopheles, she'll think you are betraying her. Unfortunately for her, Mephi kills the red sisters instead and leaves you to fight her. After you finally kill her, you should get to do a little jig and go back home, right? Nope. It turns out that you and Mephistopheles have been bound to each other ever since you found the Reaper's Relic. Killing the Valsharess has ended her threat to the surface world, but has allowed a very powerful devil to escape the hell plane he was bound to. To thank you for freeing him, he kills you and sends you to that hell plane. Now you have to figure out how to get back to Toril so you can get rid of him.