Battle at the Gates
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Battle at the Gates
Battle at the Gates


At some point when you return to tell the Seer about your progress, the gate guard will summon you to the temple and initiate the big battle, so you might not want to return to her each time you complete a quest. The Valsharess is trying to besiege Lith My'athar and you have to lead its troops against hers. This is the progression of the battle if you were somehow able not to do any of the quests that involve thinning the Valsharess's ranks: Drow and duergar warriors attack the gates of Lith My'athar. Pit fiends and balors are summoned into the courtyard. These forces are then either routed or they break through the gates. If they break through the gates, you'll have to fight at least two waves of them in the city core. If they are routed, you come here anyway to fight the forces of the traitorous House Mae'vir. After they are dealt with, you'll fight at least two waves of Drow firemasters and champion marksmen at the docks. Then you'll fight at least two waves each of illithid, beholders, and undead. If you managed to do all the quests that thin the Valsharess's ranks, you'll only have to fight drow and duergar at the gates and the docks.


I'll leave battle tactics for the strategy guide and just give some general advice. This is the outer gate. The drow and duergar will have to break this to get to the inner gate. Make sure you have some forces stationed here to bottleneck the door. If you agreed to betray the Seer, you can use the alchemist's fire to blow the gates open. Bashing them will not turn them friendly and you won't have betrayed the Seer. You can, however, bash the inner gates to reach your nefarious goal.


Pit fiends and balors will be continually summoned in the courtyard. I found that fighting the demons was the best thing for me to personally handle during the fight. If you deployed your other troops intelligently, they should take care of the remaining forces.


The inner gate should hold if you have positioned your troops wisely and have been able to quickly defeat any summoned planar devils. Eventually, either the gate will hold and the enemy will retreat, or they will breach the gate. Either way, you'll have to go defend the city core.