West of Lith My'athar
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West of Lith My'athar
West of Lith My'athar


If you leave Lith My'athar to the west you'll pass through the city gates before entering this huge cavern. Nothing is happening at the city gates at the moment, but you'll be back later on.


A drow scout will run away when you first enter this map. If you follow, he jumps down a hole that contains 2 gelatinous cubes to fight, should you choose to join him. When you continue on, you will be ambushed by four umber hulks.

3 - CAVE

There's a cave here. You'll have to fight some drider and a couple of harpies to get what's in it.


The west exit is inaccessible until you figure out how to work the bridge. The puzzle is like something out of Zork. Read the bridge control panel to get a crude depiction (using "#" and "!" characters) of the chasm. Basically you want to line up the exclamation points, then press the glowing button to make the bridge appear. If you don't have high lore or intelligence, this can be tricky. Examine the controls and you will get several options in beholder language. "Oring" means right and "Vikik" means left. "Galoon", "Snirk", "Puckin", and "Zapp" are the names of the rows from top to bottom. So, choose "Galoon Oring" until the exclamation point has moved to the middle of the row, then choose "Snirk Vikik" until the exclamation point on row two is under the one on row one. Continue until they all line up, then press the glowing button. Go through the tunnel on the other side to get to the Chasm of the Eye Tyrants.


The south exit leads to Drearing's Deep, a community of surfacers under the control of some unknown force.


Go through this cave to get to the area where you can exit to the north to Zovak'mur.

7 - Adventurer's Remains

The remains of a famous adventurer are lying here. The Prismatic Dragon Boots are pretty good if you haven't already picked up the Red Dragon Boots, which don't penalize you.