Temple of Lolth
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Temple of Lolth
Lith My'athar: Temple of Lolth


After Halaster puts the geas on you, you arrive among your new drow allies in the Temple of Lolth. Basically you're told what you already know. The Valsharess has taken power over the drow in an unusual way and now that she rules the Underdark she wants to enslave the surfacers. You, of course, need to stop this without really knowing how at this point. Things are complicated by the fact that she has apparently summoned an archdevil to be her protector.


Nathyrra is willing to help as a henchman, as is a Tiefling named Valen Shadowbreath. She is a mage/assassin, and he is a weapon master. If you didn't bring Deekin along, these are the only henchmen available. Talk to both Valen and Nathyrra, anyway, to learn your short-term goals for this segment. You have to weaken the Valsharess by making sure the Illithid, the Beholders, and her army of undead are not around to help her out. There are also two islands that may contain items or allies to help you in your cause.