Shaori's Fell
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Shaori's Fell
Shaori's Fell


The strange island is named Shaori's Fell and the first thing you'll do upon entering its caverns is stumble into a drow camp. These guys are pretty weak and the one enemy that isn't, a red sister named Sabal, warps out of the fight once you've beaten on her a bit.


Two winged elves greet you as you enter the city core. They seem to be under some sort of spell. They can't remember how they came to be in the Underdark but can't seem to accept that it's anything but their home. They will tell you where to find the Queen, who may be able to shed more light on the situation.


The merchant here isn't much of a merchant at all. He's desperate to get rid of his inventory so he won't have to deal with customers. His last item is a shard of a broken mirror, which he'll tell you how to find if you give him something that's less valuable than a shard of broken mirror. You can go to the library and retrieve a burned book to trade him. If you have decent persuade, you can also bluff him into taking a coin by telling him that it's cursed. He'll then give you a compass that will flash faster the closer you are to the shard. It leads behind the library to a hidden pile of garbage, which holds the mirror shard.


In the library, a guard warns you that you should leave because the librarian has become a medusa. He does mention that there is a potion in a room to the south that will protect you from her gaze. If you talk to her after taking the potion, you can persuade her to give you the mirror shard that she is holding.


You'll be ambushed by drow as you approach the castle. They're led by Sabal, but once again, she disappears before you can finally kill her.


There are some drider here defending the temple. Inside the temple, a drow elf will poison you and inform you that he has become a priest of Talona. To receive the antidote, you can either take his test (a series of combats that you participate in while cursed) or kill him and take the antidote. He also has a cloak of vestments and a staff (only usable by druids) to loot.


The queen, Shaori, is in this cave. She tells you about the mirror, specifically that the frame is in the throne room of the castle. I didn't really understand what anyone was telling me, so I ended up going there first. It doesn't really matter which order you do things, though. She gave her mirror shard to Sabal, so you'll have to fight her for it eventually.


The wizard's tower used to be the home of Petyr Trenkhold, but he's since lost interest in magic. He gave his shard to his apprentice, who is locked in the tower. 9 - This is the entrance to the Castle. When you have four of the five shards of the mirror, come here to take the last one from Sabal.