Ruins: Level One
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Ruins: Level One
Ruins: Level One


This room contains a magic crystal, use it with a blue powder and a red powder in an alchemist's apparatus to make an item that attracts golems to a single location.


This room has the two books that will tell you how to make the instruments you need to control the golems. The golden rod is also here. Use it with a yellow powder and a blue powder in an alchemist's apparatus to make an item that slows golems.


A dwarf named Merkil is lying dead in this room. He has some good stuff to loot, like a war hammer that is particularly useful against golems, and a helmet that will be useful when you visit the mind flayers. He also has a pouch of blue powder. If you don't have a familiar, you'll have to fight your main weapon in spirit form, even if you left it outside the building. Otherwise, posess the familiar and have it trigger the trap. You'll fight Merkil's war hammer instead, which may be an easier fight. Of course, if you have a familiar, you can probably cast Dispel Magic, which should kill the spirit right away. Actually, even if you can't cast arcane magic, there's a Ring of Spell Battle in the room north of the armor room that will allow you to cast Dispel Magic.


This is the control room. Get here as quick as you can and kill all the golems inside. Use the left hand control panel until it reads "5" then use the right hand control panel until it reads "4". The scavenger golem will appear. Use the middle control panel and you will destroy it. You can also destroy the guardian golem this way (his code is "79".


This room contains a suit of armor. Find the secret lever behind this pillar (P) to disable the trap around it. You can collect the searing helmet and searing armor afterward.


This room contains the mythril statue needed to make the golem crasher. Use it with two blue powders in an alchemist's apparatus.