Undermountain: Level Two (East)
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Undermountain: Level Two (East)
Undermountain: Level Two (East)


There are rakshasa in this room. The raskshasa adept has a nymph cloak +5, which is very handy for paladins, sorcerers, and bards.


An old man tells you that he is the leader of the slaves and that if you give him the portal activation stone you can free them. If you agree, the djinni pops out long enough to show you that the old man is actually another rakshasa. When you have killed him, loot the red chain off his corpse.

3 - LINU

Linu is in the sarcophagus in this room. You can bring her back to life, if you want her as a henchman.


If you use the activation stone you got from the djinni on the portal stone, it will open a portal between this room and an area just outside the Yawning Portal inn.