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The Ant
Once the Shadow's hold on Ant is broken, he becomes a very useful member of Freedom Force. His melee attacks (Thorax Punch, Pincer Punch, and Mandible Assault) aren't very powerful when he first joins the team, but once upgraded they are perfectly suitable for close quarters fighting. Far more useful however is his acid bomb, it can a hit a fairly large group of enemies to do progressive damage, and with its grenade-like physics it can be thrown around corners and off rooftops. He is strong enough to throw very large objects, which can come in handy against particularly resilient enemies. With his climbing and burrowing skills he can move quickly through just about any map, and reach more strategically advantageous positions. His shove powercan help to knock enemies off of higher areas (like rooftops and floating islands), or can put them in a more suitable bomb range.

Available: Mission 15: Where Shadows Fall 1

Recruitment Cost: Free

Attributes: Heavy Lifter (Starting), Wall Climbing (Starting), Nimble (200 CP)
The Ant
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Soldier Ant
Thorax Punch Starting power, 72 CP for each upgrade.
Acid Bomb Starting power, 112 CP for each upgrade.
Pincer Punch 732 CP to acquire, 146 CP for each upgrade.
Metabolize 900 CP to acquire, 180 CP for each upgrade.
Mandible Assault 1047 CP to acquire, 209 CP for each upgrade.

Worker Ant
Burrow Starting power, no upgrades available.
Shove Starting power, 142 CP for each upgrade.
Tunnel Travel Starting power, no upgrades available.
Ultrasonic Squeal 251 CP to acquire, 50 CP for each upgrade.
Ant Swarm 294 CP to acquire, 58 CP for each upgrade.