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Supercollider is the big daddy of the brawlers. If you want someone to throwdown face-to-face, and you aren't concerned with ranged attacks, this is your man. It is essentially like hiring a Manbull to fight for your side. Supercollider is faster than just about any other brawler, not to mention stronger and tougher. He is passively resistant to crushing, piercing, energy, fire, and cold, and if that doesn't make you feel all safe and sound, he can activate his Proton Shield to protect him from projectiles. Not that he'll often need it...Supercollider is made to charge headlong towards the enemy, and he is quick enough that most enemies will only get a couple shots off before he's upon them. Supercollider also has an area attack strikingly similar to a Manbull's panicking everyone around him, and making them easy pickin's. His one major flaw is his weak-mindedness...if he is hypnotized by an enemy like Pan, he will destroy your team before you know it.

Available: Mission 23: Deja Who 2

Recruitment Cost: 9084 Prestige Points

Attributes: Weak Minded (Starting), Solid Skeleton (Starting), Armored (300 CP)
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Wham Starting power, 373 CP for each upgrade.
Headbutt Starting power, 188 CP for each upgrade.
Slam 2221 CP to acquire, 444 CP for each upgrade.

Tier B
Shrug Off Starting power, 48 CP for each upgrade.
Proton Shield 796 CP to acquire, 159 CP for each upgrade.
Roaring Doom 162 CP to acquire, 32 CP for each upgrade.