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Like Man-Bot, Microwave is painfully slow. He can not fly, but once he learns Teleport it will greatly (though expensively) expedite his movement. Microwave's attacks are radiation-based, which most enemies are vulnerable to, so he is capable of doing massive damage. Because of his slow speed he is best kept out of melee unless completely necessary. By far his most useful ability is Clone Self, an ability which makes another AI controlled Microwave that will fire at all enemies. Remember to always underpower this ability, as it will cost less energy but won't affect the strength of the clone. Genetic Damage is useful against enemies that are incredibly resistant and absorb most damage (such as Piunstripe), but isn't much help beyond that. Rad Bolts are somewhat weak, so unless you are facing many enemies, his other, more accurate attacks are more efficient. Microwave is fairly tough, so he can be counted on to last when the going gets tough.

Available: Mission 19: Wanted - The Minuteman 1

Recruitment Cost: Free

Attributes: Cybernetic Brain (Starting), Radioactive (Starting)
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Beam Projection
Microwave Beam Starting power, 178 CP for each upgrade.
Rad Bolts Starting power, 91 CP for each upgrade.
Irradiate 918 CP to acquire, 183 CP for each upgrade.
Meltdown 929 CP to acquire, 185 CP for each upgrade.

Interference Starting power, 103 CP for each upgrade.
Displace Image Starting power, no upgrades available.
Teleport Self Starting power, no upgrades available.
Genetic Damage 686 CP to acquire, 137 CP for each upgrade.
Clone Self 1201 CP to acquire, no upgrades available.