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Law is one half of Law and Order, and is able to switch between them using Transform. This is helpful as you get two heroes for the price of one. Law has several melee attacks, though they are relatively weak and only to be used when no other option presents itself. Law is best used as a defensive and support character. Her healing Mercy and Balance abilities can be vital during difficult fights, as you can keep her back as an emergency 'health battery'. Harmony and Commuted Sentence can help ease the pain of fighting foes that rely on elemental and status attacks as opposed to direct damage. Close combat, however, is best left to her 'Order' half.

Available: Mission 19: Wanted - The Minuteman 1

Recruitment Cost: 5914 Prestige Points

Attributes: Blind (Starting), Danger Sense (300 CP)
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Justice Starting power, 69 CP for each upgrade.
Thrust Starting power, 114 CP for each upgrade.
Slash 632 CP to acquire, 126 CP for each upgrade.
Trouncing 843 CP to acquire, 168 CP for each upgrade.

Transform Starting power, no upgrades available.
Mercy Starting power, 79 CP for each upgrade.
Harmony 644 CP to acquire, 128 CP for each upgrade.
Commuted Sentence 471 CP to acquire, 94 CP for each upgrade.
Balance 605 CP to acquire, 121 CP for each upgrade.