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Mentor is a useful support character, though he is weak in combat. His Psyche Slash melee attack does multiple hits, but it is slow and not very damaging; his Electron Beam is a more effective tool when he has to be on the front lines. He is slow in movement, especially when levitating. Instinct Dominance and Cortical Suppression are most effective against large groups of enemies, particularly when the rest of your heroes are overwhelmed by enemies in melee, or you need to distract enemies from something as a primary objective. Most often, however, he is best left off of the team, especially later in the game.

Available: Mission 2: Strange Visitors 1

Recruitment Cost: Free

Attributes: Disciplined (Starting), Unbeliever (350 CP), Levitate (850 CP)
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Instinct Dominance Starting power, 139 CP for each upgrade.
Cortical Suppression Starting power, 52 CP for each upgrade.
Cerebral Balance 542 CP to acquire, 108 CP for each upgrade.
Mental Barrier 807 CP to acquire, 161 CP for each upgrade.

Alien Energy
Psyche-Slash Starting power, 80 CP for each upgrade.
Electron Beam 465 CP to acquire, 93 CP for each upgrade.
Kinetic Barrier 844 CP to acquire, 168 CP for each upgrade.
Modulating Beam 844 CP to acquire, 176 CP for each upgrade.