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Eve is the team's sniper, in the purest way possible. She is incredibly accurate with her arrows, and while they aren't very damaging, they are quick and have fantastic range. She is accurate enough to fire into melee combat without having to worry too much about friendly fire, and is incredibly useful when hunting down fliers (particualrly those pesky police clones). Because of her crack-shot advantagem the Living Arrow is sometimes redundant and a waste of energy, it is only really needed when an enemy is weaving between buildings or flying out of visual range. Swarm of Arrows is expensive, but good for large groups of enemies. The Acid Arrows are slightly less accurate, but deal progressive damage, so are better used at shorter range when her chances of hitting are better. She is too weak for melee combat under any circumstances...all of her close combat attacks are meant to subdue the opponent long enough for Eve to get back to arrow range; even her basic melee punch has a hypnosis effect.

Available: Mission 22: Deja Who 1

Recruitment Cost: Free

Attributes: Beautiful (Starting), Crack Shot (Starting), Temperature Control (600 CP)
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Arrow Starting power, 243 CP for each upgrade.
Living Arrow Starting power, 175 CP for each upgrade.
Acid Arrow 912 CP to acquire, 182 CP for each upgrade.
Swarm of Arrows 1064 CP to acquire, 212 CP for each upgrade.

Nature's Glory
Nature's Kiss Starting power, 83 CP for each upgrade.
Swarm of Leaves Starting power, 122 CP for each upgrade.
Binding Vines Starting power, 122 CP for each upgrade.
Empathy 250 CP to acquire, no upgrades available.