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Man-Bot is a powerful walking nuclear reactor. He is one of the most effective brawlers in the game, especially as he can convert energy attacks into Energy X, and is resistant to stun. He is very slow, however, so until he obtains Flight it will take him a while to reach combat. His ranged attacks, such as Focus, are damaging, but also slow. Transfer becomes espeically useful, as Man-Bot can give Energy X to heroes that tend to burn through theirs rapidly, such as El Diablo and Microwave. His Unstable Energy is both a blessing and a is useful in large groups of enemies, as Man-Bot becomes a living bomb. However, in narrow spaces where the isn't enough clearance to keep the rest of your team a safe distance away, the unexpected blast can be lethal. Man-Bot can unleash it on command once he learns Release, which makes him a devastating melee combatant.
Available: Mission 7: A Nuclear Winter 2

Recruitment Cost: Free

Attributes: Ponderous (Starting), Unstable Energy (Starting), Grim Resolve (200 CP), Flier (1000 CP)
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Iron Shell
Contain Energy Starting power, 176 CP for each upgrade.
Wallop Starting power, 127 CP for each upgrade.
Double Uppercut 640 CP to acquire, 128 CP for each upgrade.
Energize Other 410 CP to acquire, 82 CP for each upgrade.

Living Battery
Focus Starting power, 181 CP for each upgrade.
Transfer 171 CP to acquire, 34 CP for each upgrade.
Disruption 124 CP to acquire, 24 CP for each upgrade.
Energy Leech 271 CP to acquire, 54 CP for each upgrade.
Release 857 CP to acquire, 71 CP for each upgrade.