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Minuteman is the first hero you start with, and while he may seem fairly average at first, he can become quite powerful if you keep upgrading him. He can run very fast and leap onto rooftops, so he can close the distance to villains quickly. His standard Smash attack does a lot of damage, and the double-hit Vanquish is very effective despite its high energy cost. With 300 Percenter, Minuteman can deal major damage to even the toughest foes in the game. His attacks can be a little slow, however, so there are times when it is better to use a lightpole for the advantage in reach. Minute missile is only effective towards the beginning of the game when you have few ranged attacks, after that it becomes obsolete. Since Minuteman is strong enough to pick up most items, it is better to throw things with him if you need a ranged is more accurate and more damaging. Rally the Troops is particularly necessary towards the end, when Manbulls are panicking the majority of your team.

Available: Campaign Beginning

Recruitment Cost: Free

Attributes: Jumper (Starting), Disciplined (350 CP), Heroic (750 CP), Extra Heroic (1000 CP)
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Smash Starting power, 191 CP for each upgrade.
Strike For Freedom Starting power, 102 CP for each upgrade.
300-Percenter 250 CP to acquire, no upgrades available.
Vanquish 870 CP to acquire, 174 CP for each upgrade.
Patriot Whirl 538 CP to acquire, 107 CP for each upgrade.

National Guard Starting power, 198 CP for each upgrade.
Eternal Vigilance Starting power, 153 CP for each upgrade.
Minute Missile 538 CP to acquire, 107 CP for each upgrade.
Rally the Troops 298 CP to acquire, 59 CP for each upgrade.