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Blackbird is a useful support and long range 'sniper' character, particularly later in the game. Her Call of Confusion is useful when there are a lot of enemies, but her other defensive powers such as Sonic Wing and Blinding Scratch are really only useful to help her escape combat, as she is not strong or tough for close combat. Her most important attribute is her Seeking Beam, as it is one of the few attacks that does cold damage. It also is fairly accurate and passes through obstacles, so she can do considerable damage from a safe distance away. Unless you are facing villains vulnerable to cold, however, her attacks aren't useful enough to put her on the squad in place of a more powerful, more versatile character.

Available: Mission 8: A Nuclear Winter 3

Recruitment Cost: 2356 Prestige Points

Attributes: Rapid Metabolism (Starting), Flier (1000 CP), Level Headed (700 CP)
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Talons of Fury
Piercing Peck Starting power, 44 CP for each upgrade.
Fluttering Feathers Starting power, 20 CP for each upgrade.
Blinding Scratch 530 CP to acquire, 106 CP for each upgrade.

Sonic Vibe
Seeking Beam Starting power, 201 CP for each upgrade.
Sonic Wing 1156 CP to acquire, 231 CP for each upgrade.
Call of Confusion 398 CP to acquire, 79 CP for each upgrade.