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Iron Ox
Iron Ox is similar to Order, a hero existing solely for hand to hand combat. While Iron Ox is slightly weaker, he is faster and more agile, and much harder to hit. Upon that he is also a jumper, helping his mobility, and has Fancy Footwork and Armor as passive defenses making him more resistant to melee attacks. If the fight gets meaty, he can also activate Iron Jaw, giving him a little more in the defense department. His area attacks rely more on knockback as opposed to extra damage, giving Iron Ox an opportunity to reposition himself if he is surrounded and overwhelmed. While Iron Ox is a good brawler, without any ranged ability (or the ability to transform into Law, for that matter), he is best left out of most missions.

Available: Mission 13: Here Today, Gone Forever

Recruitment Cost: 6097 Pretige Points

Attributes: Armored (Starting), Jumper (Starting), Grim Resolve (200 CP), Disciplined (350 CP)
Iron Ox
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Biff Starting power, 167 CP for each upgrade.
Haymaker 1007 CP to acquire, 201 CP for each upgrade.
Fancy Footwork 81 CP to acquire, 16 CP for each upgrade.

Jab Starting power, 171 CP for each upgrade.
Sunday Punch Starting power, 259 CP for each upgrade.
Iron Jaw 497 CP to acquire, 99 CP for each upgrade.