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Sea Urchin
Sea Urchin is Man O' War's psuedo-sidekick, and while she is cute for a blue fish girl, she isn't particularly useful. Her bubble attacks can help out a hero stuck in a tougher fight, but Sea Urchin is very weak and can't take much damage before being knocked out. Her Power Null is occasionally useful, but as it only randomly removes a power, it may not help at all. You'll often spend more time protecting her or retreating her than you will using her powers to benefit the team. She is too much of a liabilty to occupy a slot on the team, unless you think you will really need her for a mission.

Available: Mission 12: Prehistoric Panic

Recruitment Cost: 4176 Prestige Points

Attributes: Charged (Starting), Neutralize (Starting), Nimble (200 CP), Flier (1000 CP)
Sea Urchin
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Dolphin's Child
Snap Kick Starting power, 124 CP for each upgrade.
Sonic Shriek 609 CP to acquire, 121 CP for each upgrade.
Riptide 518 CP to acquire, 103 CP for each upgrade.
Power Null 541 CP to acquire, 108 CP for each upgrade.

Bubble Swarm Starting power, 154 CP for each upgrade.
Bubble Shell 949 CP to acquire, 189 CP for each upgrade.
Current Bounce 768 CP to acquire, 153 CP for each upgrade.
Bubble Gum 347 CP to acquire, 69 CP for each upgrade.