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Bullet is the fastest hero in the game. His attacks are not very powerful, even upgraded, but they happen very quickly, so it can add up. Speeding Bullet is particularly useful when you need to hop straight into the heart of comabat, especially when coming to the aid of another hero. Whirlwind may not always stun the villains, but it will often help when trying to escape difficult combat, and it can buy enough time for slower heroes to get to the fight without enduring ranged attacks. Sprint is essentially Teleport, and is helpful when trying to evade ranged attacks or area effects. Bullet's inherent speed and his energy and speed-boosting powers make him an excellent scout and support character, but he isn't really tough enough for most combats. He is best for zipping around and completing objectives, or for accomplishing secondary tasks (such as reprogramming turrets).

Available: Mission 19: Wanted - The Minuteman 1

Recruitment Cost: 7239 Prestige Points

Attributes: Rapid Metabolism (Starting), Fast Healing (500 CP), Solid Skeleton (500 CP)
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Fists of Fury
One-Shot Punch Starting power, 85 CP for each upgrade.
Fist Flurry Starting power, 110 CP for each upgrade.
Fist Fusillade 458 CP to acquire, 91 CP for each upgrade.
Speeding Bullet 300 CP to acquire, no upgrades available.

Speeding Bullet
Sprint Starting power, no upgrades available.
Whirlwind Starting power, 285 CP for each upgrade.
Hyper Spin Starting power, 144 CP for each upgrade.
Energize 318 CP to acquire, 63 CP for each upgrade.
Electrify 500 CP to acquire, no upgrades available.