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Man O' War
To succeed in certain levels of the game, Man O' War is practically a requirement. He is resistant to electrical attacks, making him useful against the annoying onslaught of the Darkmen. His Storm Bolt does impressive electrical damage, not only making it deadly against the legions of robots near the end of the game, but also meaning it will stun most enemies. Ball Lightning is somewhat useful, though its randomness will sometimes make it a waste of energy. The water powers are all fairly low damage with high knockback, really only to be used if your electrical attacks are being resisted or if you need to make a quick retreat from a bad situation. With Man O' War's good speed and starting flight, he will be one of your faster heroes early in the game. If all else fails, he is strong enough and tough enough to go toe-to-toe with an enemy...for a little while.

Available: Mission 12: Prehistoric Panic

Recruitment Cost: 4105 Prestige Points

Attributes: Charged (Starting), Cold-Blooded (Starting), Flier (1000 CP)
Man O' War
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Call the Storm
Electric Arc Starting power, 63 CP for each upgrade.
Storm Bolt Starting power, 167 CP for each upgrade.
Magnetic Harbor 683 CP to acquire, 136 CP for each upgrade.
Kraken's Scales 807 CP to acquire, 161 CP for each upgrade.
Ball Lightning 912 CP to acquire, 182 CP for each upgrade.

Control the Waves
Pressure Punch Starting power, 73 CP for each upgrade.
Bermuda Triangle 148 CP to acquire, 29 CP for each upgrade.
Water Jet 981 CP to acquire, 196 CP for each upgrade.
Whirlpool 355 CP to acquire, 71 CP for each upgrade.