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Liberty Lad
Liberty Lad is essentially Minuteman Light, with far less hit points and weaker melee attacks, but a much better arsenal of ranged attacks. He can do reasonable damage in close combat, but is often too weak to see it out. He is far better used sticking to his arsenal of grenades. While the bouncing property of the grenades makes them somewhat unwieldy, it also makes it possible to get them around corners or have them bounce for extra range. His Leaping ability will most often keep him out of the blasts, though you'll have to keep an eye on civilians and important structures. In cases such as that, the stun grenades are perfect, able to incapacitate large groups of enemies at once. Proximity grenades are somewhat is best to bounce several of them into one are and use Schoolyard Taunt to lure unsuspecting enemies into your trap.

Available: Mission 17: Looking For Trouble 1

Recruitment Cost: Free

Attributes: Nimble (Starting), Jumper (Starting), Danger Sense (300 CP)
Liberty Lad
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The Ol' One-Two Starting power, 145 CP for each upgrade.
Schoolyard Taunt Starting power, 22 CP for each upgrade.
Flip-Kick 789 CP to acquire, 157 CP for each upgrade.
Tumble 313 CP to acquire, no upgrades available.
Throw Voice 166 CP to acquire, 33 CP for each upgrade.

Molecular Control
Stun Grenade Starting power, 87 CP for each upgrade.
Energy Grenade 782 CP to acquire, 156 CP for each upgrade.
Proximity Grenade 340 CP to acquire, 68 CP for each upgrade.
Molecular Excitation 247 CP to acquire, 49 CP for each upgrade.