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Order is one half of Law and Order, and is able to switch between them using Transform. This is helpful as you get two heroes for the price of one. Order is all brawler, having essentially no defensive powers. His movement speed and attack speed are slow, but all of his melee attacks are very powerful. He has no ranged attack, so put him right on the front lines and watch the carnage. If he becomes surrounded and overwhelmed, he can use his area attacks to strike everyone around him (Quake and Condemnation) or cause fear (Order in the Court). His Blind Justice power will greatly raise his attack power, but similar to Man-Bot's Release should only be used when there are no heroes around, to avoid friendly fire. As Law is faster, you can use her to run up to the fight, then use Order to brawl...just keep in mind she is weaker, and Transform isn't exactly instantaneous.

Available: Mission 19: Wanted - The Minuteman 1

Recruitment Cost: 5914 Prestige Points

Attributes: Berserker (Starting), Jumper (300 CP)
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Punishment Starting power, 158 CP for each upgrade.
Hammer Crush Starting power, 76 CP for each upgrade.
Quake 448 CP to acquire, 89 CP for each upgrade.
Hammer Carnage 696 CP to acquire, 139 CP for each upgrade.

Transform Starting power, no upgrades available.
Blind Justice Starting power, no upgrades available.
Condemnation 1024 CP to acquire, 204 CP for each upgrade.
Order in the Court 113 CP to acquire, 22 CP for each upgrade.