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Alchemiss is a versatile character, and while she doesn't do much in the sense of direct damage, she can be very helpful in difficult situations. Many enemies in the game that are otherwise fairly resistant are vulnerable to mystical attacks, and Alchemiss is all about mystical attacks.

Arcane Bolt isn't the best ranges attack in the world, but it does reasonable damage and has decent accuracy. More importantly, with Arms of the Goddess Alchemiss is relatively safe as long as you keep her out of melee range, which is more than you can say for other 'snipers' on the team. Repulsion can be useful and entertaining, it may not do much at first, but once you send an enemy flying off of a roof or into an explosive barrell, its usefulness becomes evident. Alteration can be tricky, sometimes the randomness can work against you, so use it with caution. Purgatory doesn't work terribly often, but when it does it can literally be a life-saver.

Available: Mission 12: Prehistoric Panic

Recruitment Cost: Free

Attributes: Timid (Starting), Level Headed (700 CP), Levitate (850 CP)
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Smite the Wicked Starting power, 34 CP for each upgrade.
Arcane Bolt Starting power, 192 CP for each upgrade.
Repulsion Starting power, 171 CP for each upgrade.
Vengeance Curse 769 CP to acquire, 153 CP for each upgrade.
Arms of the Goddess 715 CP to acquire, 143 CP for each upgrade.

Dimensional Summoning
Alteration Starting power, 105 CP for each upgrade.
Blessed Aegis Starting power, 117 CP for each upgrade.
Aloft 378 CP to acquire, 75 CP for each upgrade.
Purgatory 293 CP to acquire, 58 CP for each upgrade.