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El Diablo
El Diablo is the first flying character that joins the team, and one of the most useful. While he doesn't have much in the way of hit points and defense, he can dish out far more than he can take. His decent speed makes him an excellent scout, and his impressive powers make him an essential ranged support hero. His Tongues of Flame attack can deal some reasonable damage, and his explosive Inferno attack can often take out entire groups of enemies when the rest of your team is still relatively weak.

His powerful attacks can sometimes be unwiedly, however, and you often have to be very careful to avoid collateral damage. His Hellfire has a very large radius and does impressive damage, but it is expensive energy-wise, and with El Diablo's tendency to overpower his attacks, he'll often stun himself at very inopportune times. While he is best kept out of melee for the most part, his Flaming Fist attack is very strong, and can help finish off a particularly tough enemy. Just remember to bring him in towards the end of the fight, or he won't last long.

Available: Mission 5: Skating on Thin Ice 2

Recruitment Cost: Free

Attributes: Flier (Starting), Hot Tempered (Starting)
El Diablo
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Burn It Up
Swift Punch Starting power, 82 CP for each upgrade.
Fire It Up 659 CP to acquire, 131 CP for each upgrade.
Flaming Fist 644 CP to acquire, 128 CP for each upgrade.
Absorb Heat 612 CP to acquire, 122 CP for each upgrade.

Hot Tempered
Tongues of Flame Starting power, 104 CP for each upgrade.
Inferno 736 CP to acquire, 147 CP for each upgrade.
Ignition 337 CP to acquire, 67 CP for each upgrade.
Hellfire 717 CP to acquire, 143 CP for each upgrade.