Vale of Ruin

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Area Note

This section only includes people and locations required for the main quests in the game. If you're looking for information on class or guild specific quests, then check the Guild Quests section.

There is a complicated way to walk to the Vale of Ruin (involving jumping over mountains), but the game intends for you to get there only through the moon bridges. To activate the moon bridge in the Vale of Ruin, you'll need to talk to Staroxia in the Forbidden Lands and then talk to Grymlok in the Demigoth Lands.

1 - Moon Bridge

2 - Unholy Arc

The unholy arc plays a part in one of Vurtagg's quests (see the Skuldoon section). Once you've acquired a vial of Valdane's blood, Vurtagg will send you to the arc to deposit the blood there, and then meet with the messenger that it summons. The messenger, a succubus named Valkyra, will give you the pass phrase "avat demonicum" to enter the Tomb of Souls.

Note: If you're playing a version earlier than 1.3, then you might have a lot of problems with the messenger getting stuck as she flies in. So you should save your game before placing the blood on the arc, and then only save again if the messenger completes her trek. The messenger will fly in from the northwest, and we've had luck running in that direction after placing the blood, and then keeping her in visual range as she flies in. For some reason, that seems to improve her pathfinding. If the messenger gets stuck, there isn't anything you can do other than load and try again.

3 - Altar of Fire

If you're playing the CE or later, then this is where you can upgrade the Sword of Flame (CE) or the Flame Sword (MMXII) to add a fire strike to its damage. Prior to the CE, the Sword of Flame starts out with the fire strike, making it an excellent low-level weapon.

Note: The world map in the game is wrong. It shows the Altar of Fire to the south, but this is where you'll find it.

4 - Draedoth Temple

See the Draedoth Temple sections for more information.