Eastern Houses Quests

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The Eastern Houses only comprise a sub-guild in Dungeon Lords. That means that joining the Eastern Houses won't lock you into a first tier class. Instead, you can use the Eastern Houses to give your character new options when advancing. Provided that you have a first tier class without an associated second tier class, you can go outside the guild of the first tier class and select second and third tier classes from the Eastern Houses. For example, if you selected fighter as one of your first tier classes, instead of staying with the Fighter's Guild and selecting knight or marauder as your second tier class, you could go with the Eastern Houses and select samurai or imperial. The hierarchy of classes is shown in our classes section.


There are two guildmasters for the Eastern Houses:
  • Master Ahn-Po in the House of the Dragon in Fargrove
  • Yoshi Tamaka in the House of the Tiger in Arindale


The quests for the Eastern Houses work just like the quests for the four full guilds in Dungeon Lords. You have to complete an initiation quest (in the regular version of Dungeon Lords, completing quest #2 seems to be enough; in the Collector's Edition, quest #1 seems to be enough), then you have to go on a quest for your second tier class (#4-8), then you have to go on a general Eastern Houses quest (#3), and then you can go on a third tier class quest (#9-13).

1 - House of the Dragon Quest

Steal a fire drake egg from the fire drake breeding grounds west of Arindale.

To get to the breeding grounds, you'll have to travel north out of Arindale, and then follow the mountains to the west and south. Fire drakes are nasty, but you don't have to kill them for this quest. Just run past them, and head for the southern edge of the grounds. You should find four nests there, and each nest should have an egg inside.

Once you have the egg, simply drop it off at the House of the Tiger in Arindale. You'll earn a heraldry bonus as a reward.

2 - House of the Tiger Quest

Help House Misume regain its standing in the Elven Nation.

This is a long and involved quest, and it encompasses most of the areas in the Elven Lands. But, in short, you'll have to talk to Narako Misume at the Arindale inn, then talk to Elvithra Malvolin at her apothecary shop, then go to the House of Lords and complete the Trial of the Ancient Elders, and then finally find the Argalia armor in Ulm.

Once you've completed the quest, you'll earn a heraldry bonus, and you'll gain the ability to add second tier Eastern classes to your character.

3 - Dragon and Tiger Quest

Protect Sensei Yamamatsu from a trap laid for him by the bounty hunter Yagu Matasai.

Note: You'll only receive this quest after picking up a second tier Eastern class.

Yamamatsu and Matasai will be fighting when you come across them, but unlike some similar encounters in the game, Yamamatsu can be killed, so you'll have to help out. But be careful! Your attacks can damage Yamamatsu as well as Matasai, so you won't be able to use area spells, and even ranged attacks can be a problem. So wade in with your best melee weapon and kill Matasai before he can kill Yamamatsu.

After the battle, if you talk to Yamamatsu, he'll thank you and reward you with "the master" heraldry bonus. If you're playing the Collector's Edition, you'll also receive 10,000 experience and a point of honor. Then when you return to the House of the Dragon or the House of the Tiger, you'll receive a gnarled staff +2, and you'll also gain the ability to add a third tier Eastern class to your character.

4 - Monk Class Quest (Class Information)

Deliver a letter to the ninja Utai Nujuru in the Venturean Forest, and convince him to change his ways.

The quest is a little misleading, because there isn't any way to talk to Nujuru. He'll attack you when you find him, and you'll have to kill him.

5 - Samurai Class Quest (Class Information)

In the woodlands between Arindale and Fargrove, find the ronin Hidea Ashuga and defeat him in a duel.

Hidea Ashuga is a tough figher who uses magical as well as melee attacks. His spells are the more dangerous of the two, so try to stay close to him.

6 - Imperial Class Quest (Class Information)

In the woodlands between Arindale and Fargrove, challenge the imperial Feng Shao to a duel and defeat him.

Feng Shao will spawn with a pair of Draedoth Guards (you'll see more of them later). He'll wield the nether impaler, which he'll drop when he dies.

7 - Shugenja Class Quest (Class Information)

In the forestlands south of Lake Hadoen, find the evil shugenja Ona Kenugi and his ghoulish minions and defeat them in battle.

Ona Kenugi will start out with some skeletons, but he won't summon more. You don't really need to attack the skeletons, as Kenugi will probably kill them with his fireballs as he attacks you. Kenugi is nasty, but there is a campfire nearby, and you can use it to heal or regenerate spells.

8 - Budoka Class Quest (Class Information)

Find the gang of budoka led by Fuiban Yi in the lands surrounding Lake Dread and defeat them before they can slay the daughter of a noble.

Fuiban Yi uses ninjutsu and spells, so he can be tough to kill. Fortunately, he won't have a gang with him (they'll be attacking Mara at the Shrine of Power, provided you haven't already dealt with them). If you have trouble, run east to the campfire and use it to your advantage.

9 - Shaolei Master Class Quest (Class Information)

Travel to the Vale of Ruin and defeat the ninja lord Daishura Tatsu-Oni and his army of assassins

Tatsu-Oni summons skeletons to help him, but otherwise he's a pretty standard ninja, just with lots of hit points. Once you've killed him and returned to one of the Eastern Houses, you'll earn "the four winds" heraldry bonus.

10 - Hatamoto Class Quest (Class Information)

Travel to the Vale of Ruin and defeat the evil daimyo Hosagi Yabasu and his army of samurai gathered there.

Hosagi Yabasu is like a more powerful version of Hidea Ashuga (from the samurai quest). Once you've killed him and returned to one of the Eastern Houses, you'll earn "the eagle" heraldry bonus.

11 - Warlord Class Quest (Class Information)

Travel to the Vale of Ruin and defeat the evil warlord General Qualong Bei and his army of imperials.

Qualong Bei is just like Feng Shao (from the imperial quest) -- right down to his nether impaler -- except he'll also summon skeletons to help him out. Once you've defeated Bei and returned to one of the Eastern Houses, you'll earn "the guardian" heraldry bonus.

12 - Kenjasai Class Quest (Class Information)

Travel to the Vale of Ruin and defeat the evil Kenjasama of Terrors, Toranaka Maimasa, and his army of monsters.

Toranaka Maimasa summons skeletons, but otherwise he's an ordinary spellcaster. For defeating him, you'll earn "the sun and the stars" heraldry bonus.

13 - Ninja Lord Class Quest (Class Information)

Travel to the Vale of Ruin and defeat the evil daimyo Osayo Narakami and his army of shugenja and samurai before they can unite with Lord Barrowgrim's marauders.

Osayo Narakami is one of the nastier class ascension bosses. He won't have an army with him, but he'll mix dual-wielding melee attacks with powerful spells, and so he's powerful enough all by himself. For defeating Narakami, you'll be awarded "the serpent" heraldry bonus.

Note: In the Collector's Edition, Narakami will be using a cerberus band and a winter katana, making him an unholy pain to kill.