Abandoned Theater Basement

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1 - Goblin Battle

Right around here you'll be attacked by several goblins, including two goblin mages and a ballista goblin.

2 - Dead-End Stairs

These stairs lead to a boarded-up passageway. To get up to the main level of the theater, you'll have to use the lift (Exit D).

3 - Broken Lift

This lift can't be fixed.

4 - Lift Lever Rod

The lift lever rod is just leaning up against the wall here. Use it to fix the repairable lift (Exit D).

5 - Secret Door

The only way to open the secret door is to push the loose brick on the level above (Theater Proper, #1). Inside you'll find three chests.

  1. Passage to the sewers.
  2. Hole. If you drop down into the hole, you'll find a small area that leads to the sewers. You can also jump over the hole.
  3. Weak Floor. When you walk onto this section of the floor, it will collapse, revealing a small area that leads to the sewers. The small area also contains two level 2 chests. In MMXII, you'll encounter a level 9 carrion wyrm in the area with the chests, so you'll need to be careful if you decide to go down there.
  4. Broken Lift. You'll need to fix the lift by finding and using the lift lever rod (#4). Once operational, the lift will take you to the main level of the abandoned theater.