Irynthabl Maze

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Area Note

Your goal here is to rescue Ellowyn and find the last Relic of Power. To do that, you'll first have to navigate the maze here, and then you'll have to defeat the witch Ikrella in her sanctum to the north.

Note: "Irynthabl" is an anagram for "labyrinth." "Ikrella" might be an anagram as well -- "a killer," perhaps?

1 - Brumbrunegan

"Brumbrunegan" is probably another anagram. We're guessing it's for "burn burn game," which is pretty descriptive of what you'll need to do here.

These rooms are filled with traps, and in the center you'll find a spinning statue. On three sides, the statue has fire spouts, but on the fourth side it has the "brumbrunegan" receptacle. Your goal is to wait for the statue to stop spinning, and then insert a sarcophagen jewel (#2) into the receptacle. Of course, where the statue stops is random, so you'll probably have to wait a few times for it to stop spinning. If you wait next to the corner of the statue, then the stonework there can give you some protection against the fire spouts.

Once you've placed three jewels into three receptacles, the secret door at #3 will open.

2 - Sarcophagen Jewel

The jewel is guarded by a bladed door and a fire spout. It's easy to avoid the blade, and if you stand to one side of the fire spout, then it won't hit your, either. You'll need to put three jewels into three "brumbrunegan" receptacles (#1) to open the secret door at #3.

3 - Secret Door

4 - Minotaur Spawn Point

Minotaurs will spawn here every few seconds. Between these minotaurs and the minotaurs created for random encounters, you might get swarmed by minotaurs in this area. In fact, minotaurs will arrive so quickly, you might have to skip picking stuff up off the ground, or else you'll never get anywhere.

In early versions of the game, minotaurs would stop spawning if you loaded your game or left the area. But if you're playing version 1.4/1.5, the minotaurs will keep spawning until you've opened the door at #6.

5 - Key of Death

You'll need both keys of death to open the door at #6.

6 - Locked Door

There are locks on both sides of the door. You'll need a key of death (#5) for each lock.

  1. Main entrance of the maze.
  2. Entrance to the Irynthabl Sanctum.