In Dungeon Lords, you get to select five classes for your character: two first tier (core) classes, two second tier classes, and one third tier class. You pick one of your first tier classes when you create your character; the second comes from joining one of the four guilds in the game: the Fighter's Guild (fighters), the Guild of Mystery (rogues), the Celestial Order (adepts), and the Guild of Mages (mages). The second and third tier classes then follow from your first tier classes (see the dependency chart below).

Besides guilds, there are two other ways to gain classes. The two Eastern Houses in the game allow you to add Eastern classes to your character, and, if your character is female, then you can join the Sisterhood and select their classes. However, these sub-guilds don't contain first tier classes. You can only use them to add second and third tier classes to your character.

You can only follow one "path" in a guild or sub-guild. This is mostly an issue with the sub-guilds, where it might seem as though you can take multiple paths. But you're not allowed, for example, to become both a monk and a samurai or an enchantress and a valkyrie.

Finally, if you're playing the Collector's Edition, then you can also become a shadow lord. This class is offered by Staroxia in the Forbidden Lands. It is not associated with a guild.

To learn more about the classes, either use the links in the navigation bar to the right, or select the class from the dependency chart below.

First TierSecond TierThird Tier
Adept Celestial Stargazer
Paladin Crusader
Monk Shaolei Master
Fighter Knight Lord
Marauder Deathlord
Samurai Hatamoto
Imperial Warlord
Mage Sorcerer Wizard
Battlemage Warlock
Shugenja Kenjasai
Rogue Hunter Ranger Lord
Trickster Cabalist
Budoka Ninja Lord
(Sisterhood) Valkyrie War Witch