Str 25, Int 25, Dex 20, Agi 20, Vit 25, Hon 20,
Medium Weapons 5, Parry 5, Medium Armor 3, Celestial Magic 5, Rune Magic 3
Learning Bonuses
Armor Skills, Basic Weapon Skills, Parry, Shield Skills, Rune Magic
New Skills
Channel, Heavy Armor, Heavy Shields, Heavy Weapons

Ascension Quest: To become a Paladin, you must prove yourself in battle for the Celestial Order. You will be asked to track down a Warrior of the Unholy Light in the meadowland vales of Talendor to thwart its plans to destroy the nearby Shrine of Celestial Power. Once the warrior is defeated, return to the Celestial Order to ascend into the Paladin class.