Str 30, Int 45, Dex 40, Agi 40, Vit 30, Hon 35,
Light Weapons 7, Ninjutsu 7, Parry 7, Arcane Magic 7, Nether Magic 7
Learning Bonuses
Alchemy, Arcane Magic, Nether Magic, Ninjutsu, Scribe
New Skills
Iron Will

Ascension Quest: Before you can become a Kenjasai, you must first ascend into the Shugenja role. Once you have, the House of the Dragon will ask you to travel to the Forbidden Lands and find Sensei Yamamatsu before he is slain by a bounty hunter named Yagu Matasai. Once you've saved Sensei Yamamatsu from certain death, the guild will then ask you to make your way to the Vale of Ruin in pursuit of an evil Kenjasama of Terrors called Toranaka Maimasa. Slay this new enemy and his army of monsters, then return to the guild to assume your new role as a Kenjasai.