Str 25, Int 25, Dex 25, Agi 25, Vit 25, Hon 25,
Medium Weapons 5, Light Pole Weapons 5, Parry 5, Medium Armor 5, Rune Magic 5
Learning Bonuses
Armor Skills, Pole Weapon Skills, Rune Magic, Shield Skills, Weapon Skills
New Skills
Heavy Armor, Heavy Pole Weapons, Heavy Shields, Heavy Weapons

Ascension Quest: To become a Valkyrie, you must prove yourself in battle for the Sisterhood. An evil Valkyrie by the name of Ruenkavala poses a threat to the Sisterhood and you must stop her from following any further orders from Lord Barrowgrim. Ruenkavala makes her camp along the edge of Ulm Lake, not far from Arindale. Defeat her in battle, then return to the Sisterhood to ascend into the Valkyrie role.