Str 35, Int 40, Dex 40, Agi 35, Vit 40, Hon 30,
Heavy Weapons 5, Parry 5, Medium Armor 5, Arcane Magic 10, Nether Magic 5
Learning Bonuses
Arcane Magic, Magic Weaponry, Nether Magic, Rune Magic
New Skills

Ascension Quest: To become a Warlock, you must first ascend to the Battlemage class. Once you've done so, the Guild of Mages will ask you to travel to Skuldoon to help Shaman Feros Duul. When you reach Feros Duul, he will request that you enter the Forbidden Lands and obtain the Cursed Idol from Laerok Maa. After completing this task, you have one last quest to complete to obtain the rank of Warlock.

For your final task, the guild sends you to the Vale of Ruin in search of an evil Warlock named Glavenmaur. This warlock is assembling a small army and must be stopped! Destroy Glavenmaur, then return to the guild to ascend into the Warlock class.