Classes (MMIXX)
In Dungeon Lords MMXII, you can select five classes for your character: two first tier (core) classes, two second tier classes, and one third tier class. You pick one of your first tier classes when you create your character; the second one comes from joining one of the four guilds in the game: the Fighter's Guild (fighters), the Guild of Mystery (rogues), the Celestial Order (adepts), or the Guild of Mages (mages). The second and third tier classes then follow from your first tier classes (see the dependency table below).

Classes work differently in MMXII than they did in the original versions of the game. After selecting your two core classes, you can choose a pure upgrade for those classes or a hybrid version of the two classes. You can also select an Eastern / Dojo version of the classes, or, if your character is female, you can join the Sisterhood and select their classes.

As an example, if you make your character a Fighter-Adept, then for Tier 2 you could advance to Knight (Fighter upgrade), Celestial (Adept upgrade), Paladin (hybrid), Samurai (Fighter Dojo), Monk (Adept Dojo), or Enchantress or Valkyrie (Sisterhood). Your Tier 3 class would then be a direct upgrade of one of your Tier 2 classes: Lord (Fighter), Stargazer (Celestial), Crusader (hybrid), Warlord (Fighter Dojo), Dragonlord (Adept Dojo), or War Angel (Sisterhood).

Note: The Sisterhood hierarchy might not be clear from the chart below. Enchantresses and Valkyries can become War Angels, and Bladewitches can become War Witches.

There is also a special case. For any type of character you can also become the Tier 3 class Shadow Lord. This class is offered by Staroxia in the Forbidden Lands. It is not associated with a guild.

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Tier Adept Fighter Mage Rogue Eastern
Adept 2 Celestial Paladin Warlock Druid Monk Enchantress or Valkyrie
3 Stargazer Crusader Necromancer Cabalist Dragonlord War Angel
Fighter 2 Paladin Knight Battlemage Hunter Samurai Valkyrie
3 Crusader Lord Deathlord Rangerlord Warlord War Angel
Mage 2 Warlock Battlemage Sorcerer Trickster Shugenja Bladewitch or Enchantress
3 Necromancer Deathlord Wizard Illusionist Kenjasai War Witch or
War Angel
Rogue 2 Druid Hunter Trickster Nightblade Budoka Bladewitch
3 Cabalist Rangerlord Illusionist Assassin Ninjalord War Witch