Class: Rogue
  • The Rogue is one of two core classes that you can choose for your character.

Class Ability
  • Sneak (move undetected)

New Skills
  • Weaponry - Axe, Bow Weapon, Dagger, Sword, Throw Weapon
  • Defense - Cloth Armor, Leather Armor, Parry
  • Magic - Nether Magic
  • Thief - Disarm Trap, Inspect, Picklock, Pickpocket, Sneak
  • General - Atheltics, Bargain, Bash, Repair, Scout
  • Diabolic - Dual Weapon

  • Rogues are masters of stealth, and can wield weapons in both hands to rapidly strike enemies. Rogues can also use bow and throw weapons, and wear cloth and leather armor. Rogues learn nether magic spells, and can develop skills to disarm traps, pick locks, and steal extra loot.