Ninja Lord

Str 40, Int 30, Dex 45, Agi 45, Vit 40, Hon 20,
Medium Weapons 7, Ninjutsu 10, Thrown Weapons 7, Archery 7, Parry 10, Scout 7, Nether Magic 3
Learning Bonuses
Athletics, Nether Magic, Ninjutsu
New Skills
Critical Strike, Light Dual Weapons

Ascension Quest: To become a Ninja Lord, you must first become a Budoka. Once this is completed, the House of the Tiger (or Dragon) will ask you to travel to the Forbidden Lands and find Sensei Yamamatsu before he is slain by a bounty hunter named Yagu Matasai. Once you've saved Sensei Yamamatsu from certain death, the guild will then ask you to travel to the Vale of Ruin and defeat an evil Daimyo named Osayo Narakami. Osayo is gathering an army of Shugenja and Samurai to unite with Lord Barrowgrim's men, and the guild wants him stopped before this can happen. Travel to the vale, defeat Osayo, then return to the guild to ascend into the role of the Ninja Lord.