Str 40, Int 30, Dex 35, Agi 35, Vit 40, Hon 40,
Heavy Weapons 10, Parry 10, Heavy Armor 10, Heavy Shields 7, Rune Magic 7
Learning Bonuses
Armor Skills, Basic Weapon Skills, Shield Skills
New Skills
Crushing Blow

Ascension Quest: To become a Lord, you must first ascend into the role of a Knight. Once this is complete, the guild will ask you to travel to the Forbidden Lands to free a knight named Sir Falen from the Demigoth Minas Taw. After killing the slaver and rescuing Sir Falen, the guild will send you to the Vale of Ruin to seek out the evil General Crullis, who is assembling an army for Lord Barrowgrim. The Guild of Fighters asks that the general and his men be killed to complete the quest and ascend into the Lord class.