Str 15, Int 30, Dex 25, Agi 25, Vit 20, Hon 15,
Light Weapons 3, Parry 3, Light Armor 3, Inspect Traps 5, Disarm Traps 5, Nether Magic 3
Learning Bonuses
Athletics, Bargain, Nether Magic, Pick Locks, Scout, Thief Skills, Thrown Weapons
New Skills
Alchemy, Backstab, Magic Weaponry

Ascension Quest: Before giving you the title of Trickster, the Guild of Mystery will ask you to journey to the Tomb of Souls within the Northlands and tell the Watcher to summon the fiend Agula. To defeat Agula, you must keep in mind that a Trickster dabbles in the arts of Nether Magic. Use your Nether Magic ability to summon groups of undead or other assistance and Agula will eventually fall. Once dead, return to the guild to be awarded with the title of Trickster.