Str 25, Int 15, Dex 25, Agi 25, Vit 25, Hon 15,
Medium Weapons 5, Medium Armor 3, Inspect Traps 3, Disarm Traps 3
Learning Bonuses
Armor Skills, Basic Weapon Skills, Repair, Shield Skills
New Skills
Heavy Armor, Heavy Shields, Heavy Weapons, Light Dual Weapons, Sneak

Ascension Quest: To become a Marauder, you must please the Guild of Fighters by proving yourself in battle. You are asked to take down a renegade Marauder named Guire Boarbone, who is ambushing travelers on the road between Arindale and Fargrove. Search the path not far from the western gate of Fargrove to find Guire, then dispatch of him and his men. Return to the guild to ascend into the Marauder specialty class.