Str 20, Int 20, Dex 25, Agi 25, Vit 20, Hon 20,
Light Weapons 3, Light Pole Weapons 3, Archery 3, Parry 5, Celestial Magic 3
Learning Bonuses
Archery, Athletics, Celestial Magic, Light Pole Weapons, Rune Magic, Scout
New Skills
Channel, Identify, Ninjutsu

Ascension Quest: To become a Monk, you must deliver a message to the ninja Utai Nujuru in the Venturean Forest. Utai works for Lord Barrowgrim and has been killing travelers in the forest, so the guild asks you to convince him to change his allegiance. However, Utai isn't willing to negotiate, so you'll have to fight him. Once the situation is resolved, return to the guild to ascend into the Monk class.